Thailand’s Clean Energy Initiative

thailand clean energy

Nations in Southeast Asia have already made commitments to clean energy. Due to the ongoing population increase and industrialization, it is essential for economic expansion and meeting energy demands. The number of customers using electricity is growing, and more people have access to it. Thailand is one of several Asian nations. Thailand committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 at the 26th Conference of the Parties in 2021. Like many other governments, the Thai government is concerned about meeting energy targets’ deadlines. Natural gas accounted for 66% of Thailand’s power mix in 2021, coal for 17%, and low-carbon sources for 12%.


Data on Electricity Development Plan (PDP), the electricity industry in Thailand is centrally managed.

Year Fuel Oil (Mn Tons) Diesel Oil (Mn Tons) Natural Gas (Mn Tons)
2017 0.025 0.042 8518.85
2018 0.007 0.027 8275.48
2019 0.025 0.028 8458.89
2020 0.028 0.032 9042.91
2021 0.098 0.058 8371.05
2022 0.316 1.882 14393.09

thailand clean energy

thailand clean energy








The graph shows that over 50% of Thailand’s population is shifting from oil to natural gas as their energy source. While natural gas is cleaner than oil, it still contributes to carbon emissions. Thailand has ambitious plans for 2037, aiming to increase renewable energy usage to 37% of total consumption. Achieving this goal will require substantial investments in energy infrastructure over the next two decades.

These investments should encompass various technologies, including biomass, hydropower, solar photovoltaic (PV), and onshore wind power. Furthermore, Thailand anticipates a significant increase in liquefied natural gas (LNG) consumption over the next five years as part of its transition away from coal and lignite for electricity generation.

Thailand’s Gas Plan 2018-2037 outlines its aspiration to become the ASEAN LNG hub by 2037, with an annual LNG consumption expected to exceed 30 million tons per year (MTPA).

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